Schedule of Programming for Industry Professionals

With a mixture of spaces for encounters, contemplation and reflection, the schedule of programming for visiting industry professionals at the Berlin Performing Arts Festival provides inspiration for all seeking professional exchange in addition to the diverse artistic experiences during the week of the festival and for those who want to explore the city and its performing arts community in all of their summery glory together with colleagues. 

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Visiting industry professionals (curators, dramaturgs, scholars, representatives of associations and institutions, et cetera) and others with a professional interest in Berlin's independent performing arts community are warmly invited to apply for accreditation and register for the events for visiting industry professionals directly by using the accreditation form located in the visiting industry professionals section of the festival website. 

For accreditation, we ask you to complete the accreditation form and submit it as an email attachment to: fachpublikum [at]

Download accreditation form available here

Tickets for Visiting Professionals

Confirmed accreditation allows you to participate in the events for visiting industry professionals, but does not automatically allow you to attend the performances.

In order to attend any performance within the schedule of programming, additional tickets must either be purchased in advance or at the box office of the respective performance venue. Successful accreditation does allow visiting industry professionals to purchase tickets to the performances in advance at a discounted price.

Tickets that have been purchased in advance at a discounted price can only be used when presenting a corresponding visiting industry professional ID. The visiting industry professional ID can be picked up from the information booth in the festival center upon successful accreditation.

Please note: we recommend purchasing tickets in advance!


If you have any questions, please contact: 

Thomas Fabian Eder
thomas.eder [at]
Anna Wille
anna.wille [at]
Telephone: +49 30 303 466 28

Events for Industry Professionals

PAF Campus

For the fourth time, the Berlin Performing Arts Festival (PAF) will present six days of theater and performance, puppet and music theater, new circus, installation as well as site-specific performance on stages and in unusual locations throughout the entire city. The PAF Campus will take place for the first time in 2019: students and faculty from a variety of Berlin’s universities are invited to discover the festival, it’s schedule of programming and the different performance locations together and for themselves with a specific campus schedule of programming.

Participation is only open to students who are matriculated within the cooperating courses of study at the respective institutions of higher learning. These are: Stage Design and Scenic Space (Technical University of Berlin), General Studies (Berlin University of the Arts), Liberal Arts (Bard College Berlin), Dance, Context and Choreography (Berlin Inter-University Center for Dance) as well as Theater and Dance Studies (Free University of Berlin).

PAF Campus kicks off on May 28, 2019 at 6:30 pm and the participants will then all attend the opening event of the festival. From May 29 - June 1, 2019, each day from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm and then on June 2, 2019 from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, seminars, workshops and discussion formats as well as attendance at performances in the evening will provide insight into the working methods, production conditions and aesthetic discourses within Berlin's independent performing arts community.

The work in the seminars and workshops will take place in groups of 15-20 people. In doing so, we will strive to work within an interdisciplinary context in order to stimulate exchanges between students in different course of study and at different institutions of higher learning. The additional events of PAF Campus will be attended jointly by all participants.

The events take place in English and German. Attendance at all PAF Campus events is mandatory for students and a contribution towards expenses of approximately € 30 is required from all participants to cover the cost of theater tickets. The Berlin Performing Arts Festival will provide free lunch to all PAF Campus participants.

Registration for the PAF Campus is only possible via the participating Berlin universities. For the full programme of PAF Campus (including schedule) click here.

1:1 Conversations about Artistic Practice

This year, the Berlin Performing Arts Festival is offering the format 1:1 for the first time. It provides artists within the city’s independent arts community the opportunity to meet with an invited dramaturg to discuss and mutually reflect upon a question the artist is pursuing over the course of their work.

1:1 provides a (safe) space for intimate conversation, concentration and care amidst the hustle and bustle of the festival. Here, time is taken to speak about topics surrounding the artistic practice and to just take a minute to breathe together in the middle of an art market whose permanent hunger for results, presentations and innovations can be exhausting. 

1:1 is a format that the dramaturg and curator Jessie Mill has realized successfully for the last four years under the name Clinique dramaturgique in DescriptionMontréal during the FransTransAmérique Festival. Each year, she invites up to five external dramaturgs deal with the questions of the city’s artists over the course of a tête-à-tête. The format was created as a reaction to the observation that independent artists working in the performing arts lacked the means and resources to work with a constructive view from the outside.  

Knowing that, due to the precarious production conditions within Berlin’s independent performing arts community, dramaturgs or other forms of constructively critical companions during the process of artistic creation are expense that often cannot be afforded, PAF will adopt the format by Jessie Mill and invites all interested artists to sign up for a 1:1.

The dramaturgs invited this year are Anke Euler (Bremen), Fanti Baum (Dortmund), Ute Gröbel (Munich), Alexandros Mistriotis (Athens, Greece) and Elise Simonet (Paris, France).

The conversations with the dramaturgs are limited to 90 minutes and are dedicated exclusively to questions regarding the creative and working processes. Questions dealing with distribution and production will not be answered. 

If you are interested in a 1:1, please fill out this PDF form and send it to the following email address: tessa.hartig(at) Submission deadline is May 12, 2019.

Städtelabor (Cities Lab)

The festivals of the independent performing arts community are coming closer together! 

Städtelabor (Cities Lab) has existed since 2016 as a national networking format for the festivals PAF – Performing Arts Festival (Berlin), Favoriten (Dortmund), Hauptsache Frei (Hamburg), RODEO (München), 6 tage frei (Stuttgart) and Implantieren Festival (Frankfurt).

The LAFT Berlin Performing Arts Festival provides one artists from each region, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the aesthetics and working methods of over 100 Berlin productions, attend the discussion events in the schedule of programming for visiting industry professionals and benefit from the diverse networking options of the Performing Arts Festival as a festival visitor. 

The Städtelabor participants will explore Berlin’s independent performing arts community on their own, individual festival routes. They will come together as a group while getting to know each other in the shared Städtelabor apartment and attending performances, share their experiences and also enter into an exchange with one another over the course of a joint workshop. 

With a mix of organization and free space, Städtelabor creates space for networking where visions for long-term collaboration arise!

Bridging the Scenes

The Bulgarian performing arts festival ACT Independent Theater Festival (Sofia, Bulgarian), the Selected Works Festival in Copenhagen and the Berlin Performing Arts Festival are coming closer together!

Bridging the Scenes presents three Bulgarian, three Danish and three Berlin based members of the respective performing arts communities from Sofia, Copenhagen and Berlin with the opportunity to attend the Berlin Performing Arts Festival. 

The schedule of programming allows the participants to get to know each other as well as the respective local community. During the entire time of the festival, all participants will explore the aesthetics and working methods in each country. They will attend the discussion events in the schedule of programming for visiting industry professionals and benefit from the diverse networking opportunities, entering into exchange with the local independent performing arts community. The Berlin Based Dramaturge Anne Brammen will guide them through the experience and support their exchanges and networking.