BOOKED OUT: Pioneers Wanted! A Tour Through Haus der Statistik and Alte Münze

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Haus der Statistik and Alte Münze are buildings in the middle of Berlin at Alexanderplatz that find themselves in the midst of transformational projects and are of a societal and urban debate regarding the use of free space in Berlin. Both projects give rise to questions regarding social, political and architectural changes and a development of the city for the common good.

Over the course of a tour of both of these buildings, visiting industry professionals can speak with representatives of the initiatives and discuss ideas for their future usage.

This tour is completely full and is only available for registered guests.


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Sa 01.06 10:30
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We ask you to please RSVP by sending an email to: fachpublikum [at]



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Nina Charlotte Peters (Initiative Haus der Statistik)
Katharin Ahrend (Beteiligungsverfahren Alte Münze)

Moderation by: Wibke Behrens

For all participants and guests of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival. Part of the ancillary program conceived and developed by the Performing Arts Festival team.


Alte Münze

Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin