Partys & Events

The festive opening of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival takes place this year in two venues - in the Haus der Statistik and the Weekend Club. During our housewarming event at Haus der Statistik beginning at 7:00 pm, the installation by the artist Raul Walch will officially open and will also be available on the following days. After this, we will held to the 15th floor to the legendary Weekend Club, where the party Open Up, PAF begins in the club at 10:00 pm. The audience is warmly invited to the subsequent Sixties Club by DJ CHAMELEON to dance until dawn with the artists and all participants in the festival.

On each night of the festival, the audience, spread all throughout the city during the day, is invited to come together in the PAF Living Room. The events of the day can be talked about in a comfortable sofa atmosphere. Jokey-Club auf Rädern, or Jokey Club on Wheels presents DJ*anes working in a variety of types of music.