Berlin Diagonale − Show Camp

In English and German

Berlin Diagonale – Show Camp places the focus on more than 35 Berlin-based artists and companies who present their tourable performances and productions. Visiting industry professionals are able to inform themselves of new projects and come into contact the Berlin performing arts community directly in a bundled format.

The participating artists will present their work in an open table situation using props, videos and photos over the course of individual table conversations. In addition, visiting industry professionals can gain a brief impression of the respective projects and working methods over the course of short 20-minute presentations by selected artists.

At the end of the event, the conversations started can be deepened over a glass of chilled sparkling wine and music.

Schedule of Events

12:00 pm
Official Words of Welcome (Gallery)

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Open Table Format (Gallery)

Table conversations with 35 Berlin-based artists and companies who will present their tourable work

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm & 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Open Studios with short presentations by selected artists and companies

From 4:30 pm 
Aperitif with a glass of sparkling wine on ice and music


The tried-and-true open table format with table conversations, videos and props provides a streamlined overview and space for deeper conversations with Berlin-based artists.


In English

1:00 pm | Studio 1 | Zander Porter presents ADHD Penetration

This production is about family, gender, the surveillance and effects of the digital age as a dead location promising vitality and embodiment. The penetration of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder brings moments of surprise and challenges the audience to feel wholly uninvolved and hyperpresent at the same time.

1:00 pm | Studio 2 | nomerMaids. present Wann hast du das letzte Mal auf der Spitze eines Berges Sex gehabt?

This 100% autobiographical performance written in 14 languages is a patchwork of linguistic splendor, tempo and intimacy in which current politically and societally relevant topics are mixed with what the performers consider highly personal.

1:30 pm | Studio 1 | Kollektiv 52*07 presents Bird

Bird – the ultimate migrator that can adjust itself to permanently changing environments. As artists, we constantly wander and migrate from place to place. The production tells an abstract story taking place at an unknown location. On the search for identity, Kollektiv 52*07 sets off on a journey through the stories of six characters, each of whom bring different experiences and personalities.

1:30 pm | Studio 2 | Aba Naja (Kysy Fischer, Rafuska Marks, Teija Vaittinen), present We Can Do It Moaning

We Can Do It Moaning is a post-porn clown performance about a human moaning machine that is used to examine the vast number of varieties and facets of moaning. ABA NAIA is interested in the boundaries of representation of women and their sexuality and carries this into the realm of the comic.

3:00 pm | Studio 1 | Irina Demina (LOST&FOUND Ltd.) presents ACT II

Classic ballet meets Berghain, David Lynch, paganism, the incomplete and Russian folk customs. ACT II brings the legend of the dancing nature spirit Vilas from Slavic mythology into the here and now and asks: who are the Vilas of today?

3:00 pm | Studio 2 | Ming Poon presents We Are All In This Together

Ming Poon has developed a dance performance practice that is oriented toward interaction with the audience. In doing so, the focus is always placed on the stories and wishes of the audience. Decisions made by the audience influence the development of the choreography. The performances take place in a completely spontaneous manner. We Are All In This Together is the artistic result of this practice.

3:30 pm | Studio 1 | Marc Carrera / MDVZ presents Kurt Cobain Was Right

Kurt Cobain Was Right is a dance theater duet (with Ellen Gronwald) that does with the theme of nihilism:

Consider the emptiness
We are only the echo of an event
We weren’t there
We are nothing more than the ghost of this moment.    

3:30 pm | Studio 2 | Berit Einemo Frøysland presents Petra von Kant

The solo performance Petra von Kant is a dance interpretation of the film Die bittern Tränen der Petra von Kant | The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The production and interpretation of gestures, poses and mimesis as well as the psychological transformation of Petra, the protagonist, which Berit Einemo Frøysland realizes over the course of the film, create a dance-filled profile of one of Fassbinder’s most complex characters.

4:00 pm | Studio 1 | Noemi Veberic Levovnik

Noemi Veberic Levovnik presents her artistic world with the characters she has created (the cat, Fontana, the bunny, the diva). This so-called Slightly Strange Theater is a hybrid of various genres that combines its artistic practice in the form of live events, shows and installations.

4:00 pm | Studio 2 | Shlomi Moto Wagner presents Salvation

This solo music theater piece is a mythological and poetic reading of current pop culture and its academic discourse. The music of Hildegard von Bingen from the 14th century is newly arranged with pop hits, brand new techno compositions and contemporary feminist texts. All of this makes the opera performance a process of transformation.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 12:00
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ABA NAIA (Kysy Fischer, Rafuska Marks, Teija Vaittinen)
Alex Bäke
Andrei Cucu and Yannis Mitsos
animi motus
Annalisa Derossi
Berit Einemo Frøysland
Blauhauch Productions ltd.
Bridge Markland
Cameryn Moore / Little Black Book Productions
Camila Rhodi
cmd+c Company
Darragh McLoughlin, Squarehead Productions, STICKMAN
Duckie L'Orange
In Kyung Lee (Inky)
IN.TO Collective Gosia Gajdemska & Anita Hernadi
Irina Demina (LOST&FOUND Ltd.)
Isadorino gore
Kollektiv 52°07
Marc Carrera / MDVZ
Marcozzi Contemporary Theater
Marissa Rae Niederhauser
Markus Riexinger
Mekan Arti Berlin
Ming Poon
Noemi Veberic Levovnik
Ren Saibara
S R & C o m p a n y
Schlomi Moto Wagner
Shiran Eliaserov
tutti d*amore
Veruschka Bohn & Christian Graupner
Zander Porter

For all participants and guests of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival. Part of the ancillary program conceived and developed by the Performing Arts Festival team.


ABA NAIA (Kysy Fischer, Rafuska Marks and Teija Vaittinen) is an international, Berlin-based collective created to investigate female comicality, as well as to draw attention to themes such as feminism, gender, heritage, sense of belonging, and the decolonization of the body. Some of the questions currently guiding our artistic research are: how can women produce comicality through their sexuality? What does our concept of post-porn clowning look like? Where is the border between comicality and awkwardness? How far can a woman go with a certain action?

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Assistance at the UdK and the Schaubühne. 2010 - 2014 member of the youth theater group Schaubühnen Die Zwiefachen. In recent years at various dance, theater and film productions have been involved in development and implementation, with texts such as In Transport have arisen.

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Andrei Cucu and Yannis Mitsos have found each other by chance. They both speak about places, they speak about nature, they speak about moods. One of them uses his body, the other his sounds. They both come from somewhere else, from places very different than here, yet they call this their home for now. 

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animi motus is a contemporary dance company based in Berlin, whose work responds to cultural and educational policy issues. A fusion of several art forms, but grounded in performance, animi motus seeks out collaboration with international artists. The works are staged in Berlin and internationally and have a socio-cultural content. The companys moving language is based on a physical and abstract way within the Contemporary Dance and includes influences of urban, classical and other dance genres with strong theatrical pictures.

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The Italian artist Annalisa Derossi studied both piano and dance, and is settled in Germany since 1991. For over 30 years her passion and talent for interdisciplinary projects has brought her in all possible combinations and functions (dancer, performer, pianist, actress, musical director, composer, choreographer etc.) to engagements in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium. Represented are both major theaters, as well as hidden niches of the independent scene and site specific projects. In her own pieces she likes to explore the connection between movement and music.

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Berit Einemo Frøysland is a Norwegian dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. She graduated at Balettakademien in Stockholm in 2016 and has since worked with Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, Satoshi Kudo, Marina Abramovic and Jeff Pedersen Productions. As a choreographer she has made dance pieces and dance films. Her pieces utilize literary, filmic and philosophic works into choreographic adaptations. She has performed in Norway, Germany, Sweden, Thailand and Japan. Last year, she was invited to perform a solo at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen.

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Blauhauch is an international, all-female theatre company based in Berlin and London. We create our own original stage plays and offer self-empowering, artistic workshops. Everything between dream and reality is what inspires our work. With humor we let our intuition explore the meaning of our individual and collective truth as women. Our artistic approach celebrates the irrational.

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The performer and director Mareile Metzner and the performer Christoph Schüchner have worked together in different constellations since 1995. Metzner’s first completely independent production under the label metzner & schüchner creates a synthesis of her previous work as a performer, writer, dramaturg, director and arrange at the interface between drama, documentary research and musical performance.

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Cameryn Moore is an award-winning US playwright, performer, and host. Her work has been seen in over 60 cities around the world. She is the founder of Smut Slam, a global network of community storytelling events featuring real-life, first-person sex stories. Cameryn is currently developing her seventh performance piece, Muse, an experiment in life drawing and discussion.

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Camila Rhodi is a performance and video artist. The artist has shown her work in the Parallel Program of Manifesta in Russia, at the WRO Media Art Biennale in Poland, at viennacontemporary and many other venues in Europe, Israel, Tunisia, Brazil and Australia. Her first solo exhibition was in the Finish gallery Musterzimmer in Berlin in 2013. Her live performances, videos and multimedia installations deal with topics such as love, loneliness, gender, violence and sexuality.

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cmd + c Company is dedicated to the creative copy of our reality. Our work, which focuses on digital theater, combines theater, video, poetry and documentation. As digital natives from Germany, Spain and China, we believe in the potential of technology as a powerful weapon of storytelling.
We are fascinated by the cultural differences and perspectives of others and want to create an open dialogue in which empathy can be understood as a shared sharing of time and space. Every aspect of our creative process works holistically and anarchistically towards a common goal: queerness.

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Born in Ireland. In the early stages of his life he had little exposure to the arts until the age of 15 where he began juggling and dancing. In 2006 as he finished school Darragh packed his bags for Berlin to attend a full time programm at the Jonglier Katakomben School of Juggling. In 2008 Darragh attended the Academy for Circus and Performance Art. Darragh completed his education with a Bachelor Degree in 2012. Since then he have performed at numberous festivals around the world, taken residencies in over 12 countries.

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Duckie L'Orange is a Berlin-based performance artist with a twist.

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DIE SPALTER are a free Berlin-based theatre collective. Their work can be described as a powerful reckoning with Western society and its execution of power dynamics in the private sphere, as well as in institutions and throughout history. They look for butterflies on battlefields, examine the destroyed subject and and redefine it from an existential point of view. Their acting is committed to strike, physically challenging and hung up on utopias. They understand their work as a contribution to breaking free from routines and habits while pinpointing at power dynamics.

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In Kyung Lee (Inky) is a South Korean artist living in Berlin. In performance making, she weaves threads of elements - music, dance, poetry, light, costume, prop – into an intentional fabric. Her works have been presented in venues in USA, Germany and South Korea. She was artist in residence at Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (KR), Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (USA) and Lake Studios Berlin (DE). Inky earned her BFA in Dance at Smith College, One Year Diploma at Trinity Laban Dance and MFA in Dance at Arizona State University.

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IN.TO Collective, founded by Gosia Gajdemska and Anita Hernadi, creates artistic works revolving around choreography, fashion and the visual arts. Working primarily as a duo, we cooperate with and invite artists, researchers and specialists from different disciplines. Our mission is to explore and expand the dialogue between various art fields, working methods and aesthetics.
Gosia focuses on choreography as a visual practice, including film and new technologies, touching upon such notions as (re)presentation, image, and identity.

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Irina Demina is a choreographer and dancer, founder of LOST&FOUND Ltd (bodies/spaces/stories/words). Born in Poland, based in Berlin. She made her dance education in Moscow and Hamburg. Graduated from Moscow State Lomonosov University (Philology) and received MA degree in Choreography at HZT Berlin. As a dancer or interpreter she worked among others with choreographers like Xavier le Roy, Angela Guerreiro, Soodong Jung, Halla Olafsdottir. 2013 her solo “Dark Quark” received the 3rd prize in the competition “The best German dance solo” at Euro-Scene Festival Leipzig.

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Isadorino Gore was founded in 2012 by Sasha Portyannikova and Dasha Plokhova, alumnae of Vaganova Ballet Academy. Sasha and Dasha regard dance as a cultural phenomenon, create dance performances, teach, experiment and research different movements and art forms. Participants of international scholarship programs with residences in USA (Fulbright Program), Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany. Cooperations with Amnesty International, Goethe Institute, Pro Helvetia Foundation, V-A-C Foundation, ZKM, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art and other.

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The Kollektiv 52°07 is a platform that supports and explores artistic visions. Our name "52°07" is derived from a mix of the geographical coordinates of Bern and Berlin. 52 - Berlin, the place we met and 07 – Bern, the place our first premier ”Bird” took place and the seat of our collektive. We are five dancers and one musician. We collaborate with artists from different disciplines. As a collective we all have a voice. Therefore in the artistic research we work without any hierarchy.

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Based in Berlin since 2008. While finishing his Philosophy studies at the Barcelona University he began his performative activity between physical theatre, dance, Butoh and activism. Once in Berlin, he focuses exclusively on performing arts. In 2012 he directed the TATWERK Berlin for almost three years, turning the theatre atelier into a centre for education, production and exhibition of performing arts, with relevance in the artistic landscape of Berlin. In 2015 he returns to theory and finishes the MA in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg two years later.

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The German writer, director and actor Markus Riexinger has created stage works for his annual open-air theater since 2014. Each year, he writes a new play and casts a new ensemble. For the resumption of 2018's production, the ensemble consists of Nadja Herzog, Rosemarie Klinkhammer and Martin Radecke.

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Daniela is a freelance theater performer, director, trainer and researcher. Based in Berlin since 2015, she earned her Master’s degree in biotechnology and began educated herself in the performing arts in 2003. In 2015, she founded the company/project Marcozzi Contemporary Theater. She has created solo and group performances that have toured Europe and the USA (Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Zagreb, Rome, Brussels, Sofia, New York and New Orleans, amongst others) Daniela teaches a regular course of physical theater in Berlin and workshops for performers in Berlin, Europe and USA.

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MENADE is an artist collective, that tests and finds ways to break the boarders between opera and theatre. They re-contextualize classical materials, they experiment, renew and challenge. Their focus is the role of the woman and questions of identity. The group started to work together in 2015 during their studies and they developed a special way of working together: directing, set and costume design leave their own territory and they unite at equal levels in the production.

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Ming sees movement not only as a physical activity, but also as a social one. To move is to relate. His approach to dance is one where there are no dancers, only people in a constant process of relating as they reach out, converge, meet and separate. Very often, he explores themes of vulnerability, intimacy, peripherality and failures. His works are interactive in design. He creates performances where audience are invited to collaborate. By interrogating and shifting the politics of the body in his works, he hopes to bring about an embodied and empathic way of relating between people.

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Noemi Veberič Levovnik is active in the fields of performing arts, music, visual art and moving image. She graduated from Film and Fine Arts at the University of Paris 8 and from Contemporary Art at the Ecole supérieure d’art de Quimper. Her artistic practice is at the constant intersection of different artistic disciplines, techniques and media such as drawing, painting, installation, music, photography, performance, dance and video. She explores the notions of identity, gender, feminine, the aesthetic of dream and representations of psychological phenomena.

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Adrienn Bazsó (TIE/drama teacher, actress), Charlotte Mednansky (actress) and Panni Néder (author, performer, director) founded in 2018 the performance label nomerMaids. Three women from two countries. Three bodies in motion. We. We sing sometimes. We ask questions. About politics. About destiny. About personal issues and priorities. In 14 different languages. We burn for sociopolitical theater forms and for the autobiographical theater. We combine these with performance elements, movement and singing. We are fascinated by the multicultural and the transcultural.

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Ren Saibara is a Japanese director, actress and performer. She studied German studies in Tokyo and historical urban studies in Berlin. She founded the artist collective actnetwork in Japan and has shown her works in several international theater festivals in Japan. In her works she compares the Japanese perspective with the European, often calling the comprehensive global mechanism in current social problems into question. At the same time, she confronts the insurmountable strangeness between German and Japanese culture.

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S R & C o m p a n y is a freelance, independent and self-financed contemporary dance community since 2008. We develop project-related contemporary choreographies and dance performances for Berlin dance scene's events as well as for in-house productions. We offer a diverse repertory of contemporary choreographies, dance performances, show and classical dance pieces. S R & C o m p a n y is an encounter of dancers, choreographers and musicians to merge individual work. Our subject is the engagement with ourselves, the human being, its downs and ups.

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Performance artist and opera singer. Sang as a solist with orchestras world wide and as a member of the Opera Studio of the New Israeli Opera. Since moving to Berlin in 2012 he works with various opera ensembles and experimental theatre makers. s.a. Philinne Rinnert & Johannes Müller. Founder of the House of Mazeltov, a drag performance group researching the performative aspects of the voice, gender, tradition and identitiy. In 2017 he presented his solo performance “Salvation (Glitter doesn’t care I’m a boy)” in Berlin.

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Shiran Eliaserov is an award winning choreographer, performer and a video artist. In 2011 she graduated from SEAD Salzburg Experimental Dance Academy and obtains a Masterdegree in Choreography from HZT (Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin). Beyond her own work Eliaserov creates platforms for emerging artist to exhibit, network and establish international relations. She is the initiator of Construction-Site (TLV) and co-directed the international collective MakeSpeak . In 2016 Eliaserov had launched along with the director Johan Planefeldt the Holytropic Film Production.

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tutti d*amore is a Berlin-based music theater collective, which brings opera from the institutions to the people. It separates the musical beauty and scenic playfulness from the genre, long presumed dead. It then enriches these with spontaneity, colors and shapes and brings it to unusual locations in nomadic productions. tutti d*amore is intended as a possible theater for all people who are looking to bring political context into social space with explosive force. To facilitate this, the members of tutti d*more have consciously decided to work within a collective structure.

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In their performative installations and media - performances Humatic and Veruschka Bohn explore the human body, movement and time axis manipulations. The artists are using beyond live performance also digital video, sound and specially developed software tools.

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In a time when everyone is coming up with suggestions on how to lead the right life as better people, WER IST JACK (who is jack) provides the questions to such answers. This international formation, founded in 2012, develops long-term projects, making the process visible and participative. The series URBAN NOMAD ONLINE SYMPHONIE examines, in three corresponding projects, the gap between claims and reality, online and offline existence as well as outer and inner nomadism.

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Zander Porter is an artist, performer, and curator from Los Angeles. Zander's moving image and liveness work develops from interest in social and collective vs. “individuated” identity- or persona-based investigation. Both social and (dis)embodiment researches focus on virtual and physical spaces of sexual and nonsexual roleplay, including online reality TV competition games, MMOGs, and (anonymous) (cam)sex, among others.

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