Music Theater/Performance

Häuptling Abendwind oder das gräuliche Festmahl

Eine Faschingsburleske nach Jacques Offenbach
tutti d*amore

The long table is set, the candles are burning, the woodwind quartet sweetens the atmosphere with cozy sounds. The only thing missing is the food. Turns out there wasn’t enough money in the production budget to cover that. Irritating! This Berlin-based music theater collective takes Offenbach’s carnival burlesque at its word and produces something less a formal evening of theater and much more a true feast for the audience and for the collective itself.

Playing times
We 29.05 21:30
Entrance fee:

15 €

Tickets notes

Admission include the club night at Sisyphos after the show. Tickets can be purchased at the box office. For reservations: tuttidamore [at]



According to the organizers accessible.


Häuptling Abendwind: Ludwig Obst (tenor)
Häuptling Biberbahn: Ekaterina Bazhanova (mezzosoprano)
Atala: Caroline Schnitzer (mezzosoprano)
Arthur: Ferdinand Keller (tenor)
Cook: Magdalena Schnitzler (actor)
Orchestra: Lorenz Blaumer, Frauke Farwick, Willy Chan, Fanni Scheffler, George Adje, Sebastian Di Salvatore, Josef Loibner, Thomas Kolarczyk, Bennon Gössel & Three Good Boys
Stage director: Anna Sophie Weber
Dramaturgy & text version: Helen Brecht
Collaboration in direction & dramaturgy: Ana Edroso Stroebe 
Set and costume design: Lena Bohnet 
Light: Yannis Hahnemann
Musical supervision: Paul Heller


tutti d*amore is a Berlin-based music theater collective, which brings opera from the institutions to the people. It separates the musical beauty and scenic playfulness from the genre, long presumed dead. It then enriches these with spontaneity, colors and shapes and brings it to unusual locations in nomadic productions. tutti d*amore is intended as a possible theater for all people who are looking to bring political context into social space with explosive force. To facilitate this, the members of tutti d*more have consciously decided to work within a collective structure.

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Hauptstraße 15, 10317 Berlin