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Watching Martin Kohout (2010/2011)

Martin Kohout

From April 2010 to March 2011 every time Martin Kohout watched any YouTube video he captured himself and published it to the YouTube channel „Watching Martin Kohout“, now containing 821 videos. An installation oft he videos will be hosted by and captured in itself to be archived.

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Exhibition by Martin Kohout


Berlin-based, Czech-born artist Martin Kohout’s early study background is in cinematography. He has been active in the international art scene since 2010. His work has a strong grounding in research, both academic and qualitative. His works span a wide range of medium such as film, sculpture, installation, print, events, and publications. In addition to that he produces music under the name of TOLE and runs a small  publishing house TLTRPreß. Last year, Martin won the Jindr?ich Chalupecky? Award for young Czech artists.

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