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URBAN NOMAD ONLINE SYMPHONIE: one more time with feeling


A person begins to tell their own story, tries to piece together the rubble of their childhood, their unhappy family and their transplantation to Berlin into a whole that makes sense. But there are so many other voices that distract him: Friendly vocal coaches that want to help people optimize their voices. One offer of credit is followed by the next, all of which want to make it possible to finance your dreams. But something is missing.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 21:00 Sa 01.06 17:00
Entrance fee:

11,00 € · reduced 7,00 €


not specified


TEAM: Bettine Beer, Charlotte Birkner-Behlen, Andrea Costa, Christian David Fischer, Sven Carl Gusowski, Ikko Masuda, Bendt Moerch Olsen, Eckart Seilacher, Henrique Uba
Funded by Bezirksamt Neukölln von Berlin, Fachbereich Kultur


In a time when everyone is coming up with suggestions on how to lead the right life as better people, WER IST JACK (who is jack) provides the questions to such answers. This international formation, founded in 2012, develops long-term projects, making the process visible and participative. The series URBAN NOMAD ONLINE SYMPHONIE examines, in three corresponding projects, the gap between claims and reality, online and offline existence as well as outer and inner nomadism.

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