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A Séance: how to open up your very own online shop (very easy)

Lisa Dreykluft

“Hello everyone it’s me with another life hack. Today I wanna show you how to open up your very own online shop. We’re gonna do some internet browsing and it’s all very simple and a good way to make some extra “money”/escape “precarity”. Tune in for more I’m excited to see you all soon bye! ?”

The workshop will be in English. Please bring your own laptop and sign up until May 26th, 6pm. Mail to: sakrowski [at]

Playing times
Fr 31.05 17:30

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Lisa Dreykluft studied Fine Art at Kunsthochschule Kassel and the Bath School of Art and Design, UK. She works with a range of digital media; video, sound, GIFs and websites, following her interest in witchcraft as well as investigating subjects such as refusal of work, mental health and performance online, especially on YouTube.

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