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Shahed A. Naji & Katharina Bévand

Every movement and every sound makes the highly sensitive, interactive sound and light installation by Katharina Bévand and Shahed A. Naji react. The visitors become the protagonists in this interplay of intensities. Atmospheres are created in a space that challenges one’s own perspective and conjures up a condition far from the everyday.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 15:00 Sa 01.06 15:00 Su 02.06 15:00

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light design: Shahed A. Naji
sound design: Katharina Bévand


Shahed A. Naji is a Lebanese multi-disciplinary artist, researcher and yoga teacher. In his work, Shahed focuses on socio-political topics such as migration and war, recreating situations through interactive spatial installations. Katharina Bévand is an installation and sound artist.

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Wiesenstraße 55, 13357 Berlin