Performance Suitable for english audience

Project UBahn

Despina Kapetanaki

How does the hectic nature of today’s lifestyle affect our everyday lives? How does an urban environment influence our behavior? How do passengers react to an unexpected artistic action? This project takes everyday typical characters like those we encounter in Berlin’s U-Bahn and transforms them into fantasy characters and transform the everyday into impressive choreography.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 18:00 Fr 31.05 18:30 Fr 31.05 19:00 Sa 01.06 18:00 Sa 01.06 18:30 Sa 01.06 19:00 Su 02.06 18:00 Su 02.06 18:30 Su 02.06 19:00

According to the organizers accessible.


concept/direction: Despina Kapetanaki
performers:  Despina Kapetanaki, Sally Kreimendahl, Felix Ofosu Dompreh


Despina Kapetanaki is a Berlin-based artist who works in the fields of theater, dance and performance with a commitment to creating new and original work. She develops her pieces using experimental and research-based working processes. Thematically, she draws on contemporary sociopolitical issues and daily life. She has a special interest in the performer-audience relationship as well as in new technologies and their potential in creating fictitious stage realities. She also creates performances and artistic interventions for the public space.

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Oberbaumbrücke, 10243 Berlin