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Indispensible Blue (offline)

A Desktop Desktop Dance Performance
Bryana Fritz

Indispensible Blue is an offline dance as well as a desktop poem. It is a title that has hosted multiple inquiries - performance, screenshot recordings, writings - around the question of what might be a poetics of usership. It is a desktop dance evading the choreographic clutch of the user interface. It is a poem burrowing in the folders unfolding. Here, it is a performance.

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We 29.05 17:30

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dance & performance: Bryana Fritz


Bryana Fritz is a dancer, choreographer, and writer based in Brussels. Her work situates itself at the intersection between poetry and performance and most recently does so in duet with the user interface of OS X. Indispensible Blue (offline) is the title that multiple iterations of this inquiry- a performance, screenshot recordings, and writings. She has also worked as a performer for Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Xavier le Roy, and Michiel Vandevelde. And since 2016, she collaborates with Henry Andersen under the moniker Slow Reading Club.

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