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The Hole

The Hole Collective

The Hole is a continuously interactive performance installation. It is a constantly changing sculpture and exercise in negative space. The audience is invited to dig a deep hole in the ground with a shovel and their own physical effort to show a hole in the earth. The hole culminates in a festival refilling where the leftovers of the projects are buried deep in the earth without a trace.

The audience can come and go during the performance.


Playing times
Fr 31.05 14:00 Sa 01.06 14:00 Su 02.06 14:00

According to the organizers accessible.


artist, creator, producer: Bron Batten
artist and producer: Andrew Burford 
artist and creator: Lisa Hirmer
artist and creator: Tessa Leong
artist, creator and designer: Natalie Purschwitz
artist and creator: Sete Tele
artist and creator: Malcolm Whittaker
Australischer Rat der Künste Performance Space


We are a collective of seven award-winning artists who have presented our work around the globe: Bron Batten, Andrew Burford, Tessa Leong, Sete Leilua Tele, Malcolm Whittaker, Lisa Hirmer and Natalie Purschwitz.
We are each committed to experimenting with the forms and methodologies that make up our practices and this project is the continuation of an artistic dialogue that combines our own diverse histories in order to create experiential and participatory performances.

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Zur Alten Börse 82, 12681 Berlin