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The Furious Rodrigo Batista

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Rodrigo Batista

He didn’t just get angry yesterday and that will still be the case tomorrow! The Brazilian theater maker and performer Rodrigo Batista research rebellion as a condition. In doing so, he puts himself and his outrage on stage. He makes himself attackable and attacks! Archaic, masculine, rebellious: these stereotypical images of Brazil are shattered and placed at the feet of an enlightened Europe. 

Playing times
Sa 01.06 18:00
Entrance fee:

15,00 € · reduced 10,00 €

Event notes

Double performance with "Of Coal and Rainbow" by Paweł Świerczek, within the scope of Introducing - the newcomer's platform of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival.

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Conception and Performance: Rodrigo Batista
Guest audio performer: Beatriz Id Limongelli
Video designer: Rodrigo Batista
Sound designer: Cainã Vidor and Rodrigo Batista
Light designer: Rodrigo Batista
Collaboration in the research about the victims of Police violence: Paloma Franca Amorim
Advisors: Joachim Robbrecht and Aitana Cordero
Light, video and sound operator: Mariana Senne
Co-production: Centrale Fies in the Frame of Live Works Award vol. 6 and DAS Theatre Amsterdam.


Rodrigo Batista is a theater maker and educator. He is currently developing a series of solo works with the ambition of bringing insurrection inside the performance space. As an initial result of this research, Rodrigo developed the two-part performance The Furious Rodrigo Batista (the second part is still in progress). He is pursuing a DAS Theater Master’s degree at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. He is a holds a BA and AM from the University of São Paulo in theater directing.

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