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Dance for Sale

Platzhaus is located both on the outskirts and right in the middle of Helmholtzplatz, a former public bathroom facility that has developed into a neighborly place within the neighborhood where people with low socio-economic potential can also experience social participation.

This year, Grupo Oito invite the audience to joint them at a dance market. The principle is simple: whoever comes in looks around and decides how much they want to pay. Everyone else remains outside. Dance for Sale researches dance as a production and simultaneously functions as a manifesto: it celebrates the autonomy of art over institutional hurdles and cultural policy decisions. Grupo Oito is a dance collective that has been active in Berlin for more than 12 years. The team consists of professional dancers with five different nationalities and various cultural backgrounds.


Playing times
Fr 31.05 14:00 Sa 01.06 12:00 Su 02.06 12:00

According to the organizers accessible.


Artistic Direction & Concept: Ricardo de Paula
Dance & Choreography: Caroline Alves, Laura Alonso, Nasheeka Nedsreal, Natalie Riedelsheimer, Martina Garbelli, Miro Wallner, Ricardo de Paula
Dance & Choreography (Guests): Thiago Rosa,
Guilherme Morais, Marlene Kahl, Tito Casal
Costume Design & Production Management: Grupo Oito


Grupo Oito ist ein Tanzkollektiv, das seit über 12 Jahren in Berlin aktiv ist. Das Team besteht aus professionellen Tänzer*innen mit fünf verschiedenen Nationalitäten und unterschiedlichen kulturellen Prägungen. Grupo Oito versteht sich als ein Zusammenschluss von Individuen, die einen Raum kreieren, in dem Begegnung, Austausch, Konfrontation und Herausforderung auf künstlerischer Ebene stattfinden. Grundlage für die Zusammenarbeit ist der „Get Physical Process", den der aus Brasilien stammende Choreograf Ricardo de Paula entwickelt hat.

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Platzhaus Helmholtzplatz

Raumerstraße 10, 10437 Berlin