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Stadtrundfahrt mit neuen und alten Geister
AMALGAM Kollektiv

Two Berlin groups set out to awaken the true spirit of Berlin and make it visible. Sharing the same desire to escape the forces of turbo gentrification, Berlin-based artists set off on a kind of performance-based caravan through the forgotten places of Berlin. A series of events at the intersection of Butoh, contemporary dance, theater, film and music.


5:00 pm in front of the BrotfabrikBühne
5:30 pm in front of the Theater im Delphi

Playing times
Su 02.06 17:00

According to the organizers accessible.


Artistic direction: Teo Vlad
Performers: Valentin Tsin, Daniel Adams, Roberta Puppotto, Anni Lattunen, Madeleine White, Jesper Munk, Yuri Shimaoka, David Garcia, Carmen Palomba, Daniel Paiva de Miranda, Tsuki Berghain, Daniel Williamson, Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio u.v.a
Designer: Naia Binghi, Michal Andrysiak, Daniel Paiva de Miranda, Lula Odpula, Alzbeta Wolfowa
Guests: Fabio Dornas, Anderson Vierra, Ismaera Takeo Ishii, K Id Ivar, Iulia Andro, Orland Verdu u.v.a.


AMALGAM is a collective of emerging and established performance artists, drawing on butoh, ballet, break dance, contemporary dance, martial arts and physical theater disciplines. Coming together to look at oppositions and similarities, AMALGAM creates a space between identities and combined practices.

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Caligariplatz 1, 13086 Berlin