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Markus Riexinger mit Team

The Weißenfelder Theater ensemble dedicates their sixth production chorically to the human rights situation in North Korea. The heart of the text is found in an open letter by the human rights organization Saram - For People in North Korea. Here, the experiences of North Koreans who have fled their country are reported, an excerpt of a UN report on the human rights situation there is presented along with witness testimony from a former North Korean detention camp supervisor.

Playing times
Th 30.05 18:00 Sa 01.06 16:00 Su 02.06 17:00

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Performance: Nadja Herzog, Rosemarie Klinkhammer, Martin Radecke
Author & direction: Markus Riexinger


The German writer, director and actor Markus Riexinger has created stage works for his annual open-air theater since 2014. Each year, he writes a new play and casts a new ensemble. For the resumption of 2018's production, the ensemble consists of Nadja Herzog, Rosemarie Klinkhammer and Martin Radecke.

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